When it comes to guys and their parties, one thing usually has to happen, DRINKING! Like we said earlier, regardless of what kind of party it might be, bachelorette or bachelor party, anywhere in Southwest Louisiana is great! Here's our top five places to take the guys for a bachelor party in the Lake Charles area.

1. The Plantation

Strip Club Booms

The big time strip club in Southwest Louisiana is right next to City Limits called The Plantation! We all know the guys just LOVE having there last freedoms away from the lady with the guys in a club full of sexy ladies dancing all over the place! Not to mention the bar right there in reach! This is every man's love on the getaway from the lady! Start your weekend off right and head out to the Plantation where the beer is ice cold and the women are HOT!! Click here for more info!

2. Frosty Factory

Frosty Factory

Guys love the Frosty Factory and it's atmosphere! The frozen drinks are the bomb! Not to mention for the single guys on the prowl in the bachelor party, there's always hot ladies awaiting inside! Most guys love this spot because them and the friends can get on stage and sing the night away as they drink the night away! Therefore, the Frosty Factory is also a great spot for a bachelor party in Lake Charles! Click here for more info.

3. OB's Bar and Grill


OB's already is a booming spot for the guys in general! Live music, cold beer, and hot ladies! What a way to celebrate a bachelor party in a place with a bar, food, and party atmosphere! Some of the best bands around play here every weekend! Located on Ryan Street close to downtown. Click here for more info.

4. Casa Manana

Casa Manana - Lake Charles

Casa Manana is a great place  for a bachelor party in Lake Charles! Not only do they have great Mexican food, but the have the best margarita's in town! Ladies love to get together in the room with the bar and throw down those margaritas all night! Therefore; guys that are single in the bachelor party can me new ladies! For more info just visit Casa's site. Click Here.

5. City Limits

City Limits

City Limits is the newest nightclub in Southwest Louisiana! It has state-of-the-art lighting and sound like no other club in the area! The crowd that comes here is a college crowd! City Limits has a great VIP section with sofas and an awesome atmosphere for the guys to just chill back and throw back a few cold ones with the guys! People dress to impress here as well! City Limits hosts Ladies Night every Friday night where ladies get in free and drink free all night! So this place really has a lot of people to choose from! City Limits is located in Sulphur, La. at 3282 Hwy 108 south. Click here for more info on City Limits.

Most guys just get together and have huge bonfire no matter what time of year, and drink beer and BBQ for their bachelor parties! For those from the city that don't like getting their hands or shoes dirty this was our top five.