Health Stops Willie Show
The 84-year-old legend Willie Nelson stopped 'Whiskey River' the opening song of his performance over the weekend in San Diego following a coughing fit from which he couldn't recover. His publicist later described Willie's condition as a "bad cold or flu"...
Tom Petty Today at Five PM
Today at 5pm, we will play many of your favorite Tom Petty songs in tribute to the man some have called the greatest 'first line' writer in the history of Rock.
Tom Petty: Dead at 66
Tom Petty Confirmed Dead - After nearly 24 hours of conflicting information, Thomas Earl Petty has died, as confirmed by Tony Dimitriades his longtime manager
Tyler: Medical Issue
The 69-year-old singer-songwriter is known as the Demon of Screamin' for high energy, physically demanding onstage acrobatics and enthusiastic groans.

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