Everyone knows that Philly fans are no joke—and Desiigner learned that the hard way last night when he was booed off the court during his halftime performance at the 76ers opening game.

The Sixers were taking on the Oklahoma City Thunder (who won), and the New York rapper was the halftime entertainment—or not, depending on how you look at it. Fans can be heard booing the rapper as he performed "Panda," though it's not clear if it's because they thought he was wack, or maybe were just upset that he hails from New York? Either way, one local Associated Press writer said the performance was "awful" on Twitter.

“Awful halftime performance by Desiigner. Booed off the court with his jeans down to his ankles & he ripped his shirt off," the writer wrote.

Surely, the rapper will brush off the boos and keep it moving. Earlier this month, he released a new track, "Outlet" produced by Vinylz, while waiting to drop his debut album, Life of Desiigner.

Watch a clip of Desiigner's halftime performance below.


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