The new DJ Khaledย and Nas video for "Nas Album" is going to be pretty epic, apparently.

The visual will actually be a short film, which is an ever popular move in both hip-hop and R&B these daysโ€”although no one is complaining. An easy standout on Khaled's summer album,ย Major Key,ย the video for the song, which sampled "Fugee-La," will be out on Friday, Aug. 9 on BET Jams.

It appears as if Louie Rankin (Lennox) and Nas will reunite on screen in the clip which was shot on location in the Bahamas and was directed by DJ Khaled and Eif Rivera.

"This is not a regular video!" Khaled proclaimed on Instagram. "This is a mini movie!"

Khaled added that the the visual will play every hour on the hour following its premiere. It's not surprising that the "mini movie" will debut on BET. Khaled was recently tapped to host the 2016 BET Hip Hop Awards, which will air in October. As for Nas, he's prepping to join a couple of dates on Lauryn Hill's "Diaspora Calling!" tour later this fall.

Check out the trailer for "Nas Album Done" above.

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