Starting this fall Jeff Davis Parish schools will transition to a 9-week grading period, effective for the 2017-2018 school year instead of the 6-week period the school is under now.

According to new Superintendent Kirk Creduer, this will give students more time to master the materials and teachers will have more time to teach the lessons.  The new system will allow for 182 days of class room instructions – school will start August 11, 2017 and let out May 24, 2018.

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The school calendar then for next year is this: The 2017 holidays are Sept. 4-5, Labor Day; Oct. 6, Fair Day; Nov. 20-24, Thanksgiving; and Dec. 21-Jan. 3, Christmas.

The 2018 holidays will be Jan. 15, Martin Luther King Day; Feb. 12, American Heritage; Feb. 13-14, Mardi Gras; March 30, Good Friday; and April 2-6, spring break.