In a radio interview, a Louisiana high school coach, David Feaster (former) head coach at Parkway High School in Bossier City said in a lengthy interview that the Tide’s recruiting practices are at times misleading. So he took action by banning Alabama from recruiting on campus at his high school, specifically citing the case of his own former player a quarterback, with whom Alabama apparently acted ‘unethical’ with during the recruitment process a few seasons back.

Four years ago the Tide came calling on QB Brandon Harris and instead of making him a ‘committable’ offer, simply invited him to attend a camp on the ‘Bama campus.

Michael Chang

Said Feaster: “I made (Alabama) make the distinction between a committable offer and just an offer to come to camp. If you make a committable offer, at some point there needs to be a window where my guy says yes I’ll take that offer and we’re done,” Feaster said. “And that never happened with Brandon. All it was was a lure dangling to get him to come to camp and compete against other guys.

“It’s like OK maybe I’m playing too hard, I don’t know four years later, but I don’t want them on campus. I don’t want them making those kinds of offers to the rest of my guys. And my guys know, they can go to Alabama … I’m just not going to help Alabama recruit my guys.”

Apparently those comments led to Coach Feaster’s dismissal by a principal Waylon Bates.

Amazing! this is Louisiana, LSU and Alabama are fierce foes, isn’t a high school coach within his rights to protect his players from false lures and hopeful promises that have no real chance of coming to light?

According to Principal Bates he and Feaster “do not share the same philosophy or vision’ for high school athletics.

Though Feaster is no longer the head coach, he will remain with the district and at the same high school as a math teacher.

We say anything that protects our Louisiana youth against Alabama is fair game.

As of February 15th, Brandon Harris had tweeted that he would transfer from LSU where he wound up, but he did not hint in his tweet where he would go next.  Harris started all 12 games in 2015 for the Tigers and the first two games of 2016 before losing the starting job to Danny Etling.