Feeling that the McNeese student population were not accomplishing enough simply by being united in their activist complacency, student Miyah January formed her own group the POM’s (Progressives of McNeese) and led about four dozen other students in protest in a large circle around the McNeese campus on Monday.

Not to be outdone chant-wise by larger and better financed national protest groups the POM’s shouted in unison “We will not be divided, we will all be united”.  OK, it doesn’t have the same poetic meter and ring as the old “hey hey LBJ’ chants of the 1960’s but it’s a start.

While it wasn’t clear as to what or whom is dividing and excluding them from school or social activities, senior leader David Palmer noted in a published article that “Love, inclusiveness and unity will ultimately win out.”

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It seems as though the march was a peaceful one, there were no reports as of yet of fires being set, looting or other violence that sometimes accompanies campus protests.

A few students themselves were unsure of why they were marching other than to get involved with something. See? Other than football games in the fall there are ways for all students to be involved in college-life other than boring old science, technology, engineering and mathematics educations in the classrooms and labs at McNeese.