What many of us (Dallas Cowboy fans) have been expecting, predicting even, just may be happening.

According to preliminary reports (strongly sourced rumors) from football industry magazines and broadcasters the word is out that the Dallas Cowboys will release Tony Romo today as the 'free agency' season and the 2017 NFL year begins at 3PM New York time.

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But in interviews as recent as last weeks NFL combine, Jerry Jones as usual gave no verbal indicators of a definite move and played his cards close to the vest: “The March date has a little something to it, but it’s not really impactful,” Jones said last week during the tryouts. “We could’ve done something in concept before March 9. We’re in a situation right now where we need to see some things happen. We need to read some tea leaves.”

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But it won't take an old gypsy woman to read these tea-leaves, the talented and exciting Romo will be 37 on opening day.  In basically taking the bench behind rookie sensation Dak Prescott for all of 2016 the Cowboys are paying Romo way too much to serve as a backup and as the clock ticks his market value will diminish exponentially with each passing day.

The two top potential landing spots for No. 9 are Houston and Denver, each have room under their salary caps to invite Romo in.  Denver is grooming two youngsters at the position and Houston had a rough season last year with the talented but still greenish Brock Osweiler. Both franchises could use experience and leadership like Tony's while their own future grooms get a little more seasoning.

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Also in Houston with a healthy JJ Watt and Jadeveon Clowney could provide a Texans Romo-led offense with enough on-field time to rack up points against opponents.

Romo essentially got a full season to completely recuperate from his 2016 pre-season dings that put Prescott in the drivers seat for the Cowboys - and a re-charged Romo in good health, that could stay in good health would potentially have two to possibly three solid seasons left in the league.  Especially in a situation with a stable offensive line to protect his backside (literally) keep the sacks to a minimum and a good tight end and a couple of speedy receivers.

As a lifelong Dallas fan it's sad to have to see him go this way, holder of every team record but alas not a Ring.  If today is it, fare thee well Tony, we enjoyed knowing ye'.