A visibly upset Odell Beckham took out his emotions on a kicking net, but the kicking net wasn't going down without a fight.

Beckham got the best of Redskins cornerback Josh Norman on a few catches, but during the fourth quarter his quarterback Eli Manning tossed an interception in the red zone that set Beckham off on the sideline.

The wide receiver was seen crying on the sideline, probably frustrated because he couldn't score on his foe Josh Norman. Beckham and Norman went at it to the point of coming to blows last season when the cornerback was a member of the Panthers.

Eli and other teammates tried to calm Beckham down, but he ended up raging out and hitting a kicking net on the sideline. In a moment that was purely made for the internet, the kicking net fell back onto Odell, hitting him in the head.

Hopefully he learned that inanimate objects can, and will, hit back.

[via SI]