In a story largely missed by the mainstream media the military is experimenting with a substance loosely called 'powdered water'. The purpose driving the development is saving shipping costs of potable water to troops in arid areas.

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As well, it's believed that streams and ponds can be set up simply by spreading the powdered water over a dry area.

The development comes after many years of research into the molecules that make up liquid water, hydrogen and oxygen which are also two of the simplest molecules ever made.  Without getting into the weeds with a lot of chemical technical jargon apparently it's possible to freeze dry one of the oxygen molecules forming a polymer with a short nucleotide and then blend it with hydrogen gas.  The result is a fine white powder that is 10x lighter than liquid water to transport.

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This development could potentially save millions of dollars in the cost of transporting water, bringing streams and ponds to remote, dry areas of the planet and helping mankind in untold ways going into the future.

And once it's transported and on site, it's easy to convert the powder into something you can drink - just add water and stir until dissolved.

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