There is obviously a switch that gets flicked to the "ON" position anytime one of the big multi-state lottery games hits a certain cash level. That level appears to be $300 million. So, expect friends, neighbors, and co-workers to begin their next case of Powerball fever by as early as this Wednesday.

The estimated Powerball Jackpot for Wednesday night's drawing should be very close to $293 million. If there is no winner in the Wednesday draw it's almost a guarantee that the total will rise above $300 million and your favorite news outlets will begin reporting on the growing frenzy across the nation.

Saturday's drawing for the Powerball game did not yield one big money winner. There were three one million dollar winners. Those prizes were claimed by Powerball players in New York, Florida, and Pennsylvania.

The winning numbers from Saturday were: 8-17-20-27-53 - PB 24

Although we're fairly certain there is no multi-million dollar ticket for Saturday's draw still undiscovered we do know that there are a lot of free money prizes still available to be claimed. Since there are nine different ways to be a winner on each Powerball ticket we suggest you double check your numbers and see if you didn't win at least a little something for your efforts.