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10 Things About My Daddy
On rainy days he’d sit on our front porch with his coffee and the newspaper and quietly and calmly read while storms raged just out of reach.
Who Shot the Cockfight Ref?
But for someone attending a secret cockfighting event in the Miami suburb of Hialeah the fowl blood wasn't enough for them, they shot the hell out of the referee.
Krauthammer: Only Weeks to Live
I leave this life with no regrets. It was a wonderful life - full and complete with the great loves and great endeavors that make it worth living.
Five Ways To Win Your Job Interview
In a tightening job market, simply getting the interview at least puts you on first base, it's important you not get thrown out before you can get to second.
New Orleans Role on D-Day
He was a hard-drinking, two-fisted, take-no-prisoners attitude pure industrialist, and New Orleans should be proud that he called it home.
Texan Cheerleaders are Suing the Team
The Texans aren't alone in the spotlight, recently other NFL franchises have been targets for cheerleader lawsuits, specifically the Saints and Dolphins.
Alberto Aims for MS, AL, FL
Subtropical Storm Alberto is set to bring a lot of rain and gusting winds to deep eastern Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama to the panhandle of Florida.