What's going on?

Early Voting Starts Saturday 14th
Forty-two parishes in Louisiana have municipal elections on April 28th, as of tomorrow the 14th, early voting begins at the parish Registrar of Voters office.
Vacation Destination In Trouble
Millions of vacationers from all over have made the trek to Schlitterbahn's in five areas for days of thrilling water splashing fun in the hot summertime.
4 More Uses For The I10 Garage
After all, it is lakefront property alongside an interstate in a realty world whose three bywords are location, location, location.
Micro-dosing LSD For Work Performance
Finding it hard to focus, stay engaged with daily office duties and tasks? Drop a little acid in your coffee, and take a trip and never leave your desk.
Eating Tide Pods and Snorting Condoms
It's still possible to name people, now pawpaws and maw maws, pillars of their communities, who were seen 'streaking' in public venues during the 70s.
Toledo Bend: Dam Gates Closing
Through the weekend, people have been on social media with photos of water creeping over their docks, the roads to their homes and into their yards.
Chinese Space Station Hits Saturday?
There's likely no reason to rush to buy a helmet to hunt Easter Eggs in, but if you're along the 43° latitude, you might just glance up now and again.
Flu Won't Quit: Round Two
The Centers for Disease Control now says the B-strain of the flu is still with us and wreaking havoc across the country.
See What Facebook Has On You
They call it Data Mining. They dig through our emotions and into our pockets. We're consumers to be plucked, fleeced and stripped of a personal identity.