Now, I've seen "Vote For Hillary" bumper stickers or "Make America Great Again" hats, but these Etsy stores are on point with their political swag. Seriously, you name it, Etsy has it. From Bernie Sanders nail decals to Hillary cuff links, check it out!


Bernie Sanders Nail Decals

He might be out of the presidential race, but that doesn't mean you can't still think that "Bernie is bae". These nail decals by Love By Luna Co. are the ultimate way to "feel the bern" right on the tips of your fingers.


Pin The Hair On The Trump

Forget pin the tail on the democratic donkey, this is the party game to play on election day! That Print Place nailed it -- or should I say "pinned it" -- with Pin The Hair On The Trump. Did I mention it's only $2.99?


Wooden Hillary Clinton Cuff Links And Tie Clips

Wanna look your presidential best when you go to rock the vote? Why not wear you love for Hillary on your sleeves, literally, with wooden Hillary Clinton cuff links and tie clips from Wooden Accessaries Co.


Hillary and Trump Cookie Cutters

Neither of these candidates will be leaving a bad taste in your mouth if they are made out of your favorite cookie! These Hillary and Trump cookie cutters by Copypastry are pretty epic.