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5 Fun Things to Take With You to the Beach
Everybody knows about sunscreen and beach chairs, but what if you want to take your beach time to the next level?
With temperatures climbing into the 90s (in some areas, the 100s) this month, now is the perfect time to buckle down and get serious about planning the perfect trip to the beach
Famous Landmarks In Lake Charles – Our Top Five
Lake Charles is a very old and unique city. Many young people don't realize some of the landmarks we have in Lake Charles and their beauty! Most young people focus on the south end of town and forget all of the history we have downtown! Here's our Top Five Landmarks In Lake Charles!
The Top 5 Cheap But Good Eats In Lake Charles
Here in Lake Charles, we know when it comes to food, the food is great and often times cheap! Incase you are new to the area, we got the staff together and came up with the Top 5 Cheap but Good Eats in Lake Charles. As always, this is our list, if you would like to add your favorite cheap eat, leave…