About a week ago I wrote about my weed trimmer struggles and how I was dithering on whether I should plunk down a couple hundred for a new one or try to repair my old four-cycle wacker.

So I took my time.  Had a few glasses of sweet iced-tea and re-ran new fuel lines, installed a new fuel filter, carburetor and spark plug, made a few trips to the hardware store to replace various screws that I'd lost sight of and I can't describe the rush I got when I pulled the rope and heard her fire up, coughing and sputtering for the moment on full choke.

I'm glad I dug the four-cycle out of the trash pile, yes there was rain water in the cylinder head cause I'd tossed it a few months ago after giving up on rebuilding the carb, left it (the carburetor) off and trashed the weedwacking carcass.

It runs like new and the four-cycle does not bog down in heavy weeds, the four-cycle has the power to clear grass down to the roots from where it shouldn't be. I briefly considered before-after photos for this post, but I vainly didn't want you to see how bad my weeds had grown lol.

I'm glad I wound up dominating the machine.

So now, the blower carburetor is in tiny pieces all over the workbench and the gasket in the head of the pool pump filter just let go (again) sending bubbles of air into the water return line of the pool.

Stay tuned, I'm going to get some more wrenches.