Taylor Swift continues her giving ways as she has once again made a sizeable contribution to Louisiana after the devastating August floods.

This time the singing star has donated $50,000 to an elementary school in Central, Louisiana.

Swift’s management team reached out to the school system there and pledged to donate money to help restore the library at Tanglewood Elementary.

Superintendent Michael Faulk said Swift's donation was "a very pleasant surprise" that came from the compassion that she and her team have for helping.

The students showed their gratitude with this video.

The Ascension Parish School system announced last week that Swift also donated to its school system. They say she pledged $50,000 for the recovery effort.

“We are overwhelmed by the generosity of those wanting to help our students. We are particularly honored that Taylor Swift is reaching out to us. Her investment in our children will have far reaching impacts as we recover from the flood,” said Ascension Public Schools superintendent, David Alexander.

This all comes just a few weeks after Taylor pledged $1 million for flood relief.