Do you listen to our station over the radio device in your dashboard?  Do you have a 'boom box' at home in the garage to listen while you're doing things?  That's great keep it up.  Radio 'use' as the experts call it is at an all-time high and climbing and not just over-the-air but also because more and more folks are listening via the internet.

A new article from The Telegraph declares booming online listening audiences as heralding a new 'Golden Age of Radio" and defines the beginning of the end of FM radio due to the numbers of people now accessing radio digitally through tablets, smartphones and home computers.  The article states that just five years ago this was unheard of and the balances are shifting so quickly that digital will become the majority of listening within a year.

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So much so that in the United Kingdom where broadcasting is directly controlled by government - they may 'switch off' FM completely!  But they wouldn't even be the first - Norway ended FM broadcasting back in January.

In the United States, the federal government controls FM broadcasting to a large extent through the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) but radio stations are privately owned, so I don't foresee the FM signals being switched off anytime during our lifetimes but I do realize and see the daily increases in online listening even right here in Southwest Louisiana.

Here at Classic Rock 92.1 KTSR we broadcast the same music and programming over the air as we do down our internet stream, there's a few seconds delay online, not for fear of foul language, it's just the latency or lag time in the internet, there's a lot of mystical binary magic that's happening there you know.  Otherwise the programming is the same.

The only difference is our advertising clients can purchase time either on-air or online or they can purchase both combined.  If you ever get out of the car and switch over to your smartphone to listen during a commercial break and you hear different commercials that is why.  To date the online commercials are not as much of an investment as the on-air times are, but in the future that's certain to change.

One of the best applications to use to listen online on your device is Radio Pup - it's so easy to download and use I was able to do it on my own phone alone without any help from anyone under 30 years of age lol.  All I had to do was go to my 'play-store' and type in Radio Pup and voila, there it was - pressed the 'download' button and I was listening to Classic Rock 92.1 from Lake Charles while in Denver in a matter of seconds.

Since the early days of the transistor, radio has been portable, so for us this really doesn't change a whole lot in attempting to engage and keep you entertained - but for you it means super clarity anywhere in the world you choose to listen to Classic Rock 92.1 KTSR