Between people's opinions on the election and everyone's pro sports commentator status during the Olympics, 2016 was a big year for Twitter. So, what were the biggest trending topics of the year?

According to #Rio2016 was the most tweeted hashtag of the 2016, which makes sense because the Olympics were on point this year. What other topics made the list? Here are the top ten!

  1.   #Rio2016
  2.   #Election2016
  3.   #PokemonGo
  4.   #Euro2016
  5.   #Oscars
  6.   #Brexit
  7.   #BlackLivesMatter
  8.   #Trump
  9.   #RIP
  10.   #GameOfThrones

Twitter also put together a video of the biggest moments of 2016! If you're ready to see the year in review Twitter style check out the video below.