Almost as soon as large energy gulping vacuum tubes began to be replaced by small energy sipping transistors, radios began appearing in cars. The first car radios were a far cry from today's telematic (telematics - the science and art of car audio/computing/communications) integrated systems.  And the first car radios cost about a third as much as the entire vehicle.  But the cool thing was you could leave home and take your music and information with you.

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Today not only can we take our music with us, but virtually all our entertainment options are mobile - and now General Motors is offering a $20 a month prepaid unlimited data plan for over 4 million GM vehicles that are equipped with OnStar 4G LTE Wi-Fi Hotspots. In addition to raw entertainment, this pricing makes it easier for contractors to work from their trucks, families to stream more movies on the go in the back seat while the parents chill with Classic Rock in the front.

So now for very little cost you can take Classic Rock 92.1 with you this summer on vacation, and wherever else you may roam.  It's so easy too, just log onto (you're here already if you're reading this) and click on Listen Live.

And you may be in Fredericksburg or Panama City and still stay up to date on what's going on back in SWLA.