At first it was a few comments on social media by people I actually know.  Then a second remark, until soon a half dozen friends remarked about the second half of the Roger Waters show touring the SW as of late.  They had seen the show in Houston a few days ago - the Waters troupe was in New Orleans last night and the second half stirred up enough dissatisfied customers that it made the local news.

Kevin Winter

The issue at hand it seems is: the concert is great all through the first half - Waters strums through a number of Pink Floyd masterpieces and the lighting and effects are as spectacular as you'd imagine for this artist. Everything is cool.

But come the second half, Waters turns (according to my friend Joey) "...every note, every word, every image into politics." And in accordance with the latest spate of anti-establishment rhetoric against the sitting president, it was vulgar, rude and graphic.  As graphic as digital laser graphics can be in 2017.

The two sides of the argument that can be made are:

1) By the Artist - you love what he writes, you love how he arranges and creates music, you have purchased and supported him every step of the way because you love him/her. From his point of view - this is a part of him also, you should love him 100% and accept what you don't exactly like.  Your spouse irritates you for squeezing the toothpaste tube in the middle and leaving the cap off.  You don't divorce.  This is how Waters likely feels about his expressions of bigotry and hate; they're part of him, part of the package, part of your relationship with him.

2) By the Fan - yes you paid good money for cd's, downloads, albums, t-shirts, and other stuff to support the artist. Something about what they wrote, sang, drew or created touches you somewhere deep inside and leaves an imprint in your soul.  When you plunked down your ticket money that's what you wanted. A new imprint on your soul, not a run-on political discourse.  You were buying that experience that moves you, live and in person and that's all you wanted.  As for the other stuff  you'd just as soon tell him to shut up and sing and that goes for whomever the artist happens to be no matter what the politics are.

Who can be right? The one that can touch your heart or the one that pays the piper?

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