Well you may not actually want to answer that question publicly because after all, we were all 'young and dumb' once, some grow out of it some not.

Especially in the younger end of your twenties, out of high school, likely through college and free from mom and dad you may have made some weird decisions.  But no matter what memories are floating through your mind right now - you probably can't top one Mr. Vinny Ohh of Los Angeles, California.  (of course he's from LA, not even the weirdest Floridians would do this)

What distinguishes Mr. Ohh from the rest of us is he has spent, so far - around $50,000 on plastic surgery to transform himself into a 'gender-less' extra-terrestrial. In the near future, he even plans to have his genitalia, inclusive of course of his belly-button removed.

By profession, Vinny Ohh is a makeup artist who believes he is neither male nor female and his goal for his evolving look is to reflect how he feels inside.  To complete the look he also sometimes dons blackened contact lenses, alien like talons and un-natural oddball colors in his hair.

If you haven't had your dinner yet, have a look at the full story with photos, no they're not especially gross or horrific.. they're just... Weird.

So, how does the weirdest stunt you ever pulled in your early twenties compare?  Riiight... can't touch this can it, didn't think so.