As a movie goer, when you're enjoying a good movie does the thought go through your mind: "wow, the direction is great here!"  likewise if it's a crummy movie do you think: "a good director could have made something out of this thin story and crappy dialogue"?

I just want fresh buttery popcorn and a giant coke - I sneak my own candy bar into the theater in my cargo pants pockets, which saves about $20 off the experience.  Most of the time in spite of all this Hollywood hullabaloo  we're not talking about John Ford epics with John Wayne shot in monument valley here.


But of course in Hollywood, everything is dramatic and everything counts when it comes to making today's billion dollar mostly CG movies like the upcoming The Batman starring Ben Affleck. Negotiations broke down last week between prima-dona director Matt Reeves and Warner Brothers.  Previous work you may have seen by Reeves is Planet of the Apes and Cloverfield.

But as the bard said 'all's well that ends well' and Reeves is going to direct The Batman for WB which should be a pretty decent movie after all, because the director that stepped down to create the opportunity was - Ben Affleck.  At least now we'll get a properly directed film which only stars the one-dimensional actor.

Hey, even John Wayne couldn't act and direct....1960's The Alamo ring a bell?

Shooting starts sometime this spring for a possible Christmas or early 2018 release.