An article appeared the other day that seemed eerily right out of the movies.  A Stephen King movie at that: Shawshank Redemption.

In that movie, a prisoner named Brooks Hadlin was paroled from the hellish prison after some 50 odd years of captivity.  Regarding the time setting of the movie, Hadlin had been imprisoned since the time before automobiles, airplanes and pretty much anything else modern.

Once on the outside the fast pace of life (even in the 1950's) was too much to endure for Brooks Hadlin after so many years in jail.  He couldn't keep up at his grocery store job, he was lonely without all his friends and familiar surroundings.  When a letter came and notice that he'd taken his own life, his friends allowed that he was 'institutionalized'.

After so many years in captivity Brooks Hadlin could no longer compete or take care of him self in the outside world.

LA Times via Getty Images

Now comes the story of Louie the Lobster.  Louie is a lobster that has been in captivity some 132 years.  Louie was born in 1885 during the Grover Cleveland administration. For some reason the restaurant he lives in in New York has decided it's time to set Louie 'free'.  No more feeding and pampering in a clean water tank - they decided it's time for Louie to live out the rest of his life in the ocean.

Why let him go?  He likely doesn't have any friends in nearby waters that are left or who will remember him.  I don't like this, but I can only say: Good Luck Louie!