In a recent interview former WNBA (Women's National Basketball Association) player Candice Wiggins claimed she was bullied and physically abused on the court for being, heterosexual.

The 30 year old Wiggins who still had a few years to compete said she left the league because the culture is 'very, very harmful.' The four-time All-American guard who attended Stanford retired from pro-ball last year after competing for the previous eight.

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Wiggins stated that 98% of the women in the WNBA are lesbians, and that her being heterosexual was a 'huge' deal - other players including her own teammates in some instances, tried to physically hurt her, and she was subjected to routine and daily emotional, mental and physical abuse.

The former star said she'd never been called a 'B' so often before in her life.  She'd never been "thrown to the ground so much", Wiggins wanted to play another couple of years but decided the culture in the league was 'toxic'.

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This astounding interview originally appeared in the San Diego Union-Tribune, but can you believe that?  A heterosexual in the WNBA?!