In just the year since Jimbo Fisher first stepped onto the Kyle Field sideline with his unranked Aggies they're back in the preseason poll for the first time in five seasons. Of course after some stunning football games with Clemson, Alabama and LSU the Aggies wound up 16th in the final 2018 tally from the AP Masters. This year the Home of the 12th Man goes into the season ranked 12.

Let's take a quick look back at a couple of the program's decisive moments last season that has Fightin' Farmers fans wondering if they've got a solid team here or a really lucky one. I'll take a generous combination of both.

74-72 A&M Over LSU In Seven Overtimes

Generations will pass, perhaps one day all of America will be a lost civilization that archaeologists discover thousands of years from now and, they no doubt will figure out how to read our dusty disc drives, and thus the Legend of the 74-72 win over the 6th ranked Tigers in seven overtimes will live on. Futurists having no way to understand the cultural ceremony attached to the sport, will still puzzle at why the oval shaped man in purple and gold was doused in refreshing drink prior to the end of the festivities.

Forgot about that? Let's go to the tape. I'll just stand over here grinning while you review it.

Seriously, November 24th, 2018 was as much endurance life and death-match struggle as football game-sport, and the right side prevailed.

Even before that, in September, A&M battled eventual National Champion Clemson down to a two-point conversion try that would have sent that game into overtime, the miss gave the those Tigers the 28-26 win.

This year's team gets tested early and often. The Aggies will play the top three ranked teams in addition to 6th ranked LSU.

A week after opening with Texas State the Aggies head to South Carolina to take on Clemson. October 12th the Crimson Tide visits College Station and then the Ag's are in Athens, Georgia November 23rd with the No. 3 Bulldogs.

The Aggies go crashing into Death Valley Saturday, Thanksgiving weekend for a showdown with LSU.

In the final analysis the pre-season rankings give Las Vegas something to speculate on and provides conversation fodder in the barbershops. But until that leather ellipsoid is tee'd up, kicked, thrown, caught, run with, passed, handed-off, dropped, fumbled and fought over in real time who knows what's gonna happen.

Tee It Up.

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