Years ago when I was about 10 years old or so, an older cousin was already married with children, when at a family gathering one of his kids got out of line and my cousin smacked him across the face, the child began to cry. It wasn't a super hard slap, mainly a straighten-up-mister-and-fly-right tap, but it was on the face.

My old-country grandmother grabbed his arm as he was about to strike the child again, hit his face again and I'll break your arm said the already 75-year-old woman. God put padding on his butt for you to discipline him she said in broken English. It was not only calm words of wisdom but common sense too. Spare the rod and you will spoil the child, but the paddle is applied always to the padded part of the body.

We live in a world of people, each of us individual and different, most of us good and decent I like to believe. But when a crime or injury is perpetrated against a child willingly by an adult, the pressure on my steam gauge spikes almost immediately.

Multiple Bruises and Lacerations on Her Face

A child that needs discipline maybe should have a sore rear end for a few hours, not look like she'd been in an auto crash.

On August 13 the CPSO got a complaint of a juvenile with multiple bruises and lacerations to her face. Read those last 7 words again.

The girl told deputies the injuries were from her father, John Edward Thibodeaux from Orange, County, Texas. He's 39 years old. He's bigger, stronger, and represents (sadly) an authority figure in her life.

Imagine this poor girl on the playground with her little busted up face. Aside from the paternal cruelty, she's endured, you know how children can be. Incredibly, the father told CPSO deputies he routinely uses this kind of discipline, striking the girl multiple times in the face for various deeds he deemed offensive to him.

Quick thinking detectives deduced some of this happened in Calcasieu Parish and they slapped the cuffs on him, Detective Sgt. Ben Hare is the lead investigator here.

On September 27, the alleged child beater was booked into CPSO Correctional Center and charged with 1 count of cruelty to juveniles. Judge Clayton Davis set bond at $10 grand.

As for me, I've never spent any time behind bars, but I understand that the jail culture is such that other inmates, though they may be robbers, drug dealers, or other don't take to a child hurter and sometimes jailhouse retribution is paid by the perp, seems like multiple bruises and lacerations just might fit the bill.

If you haven't guessed, I'm the kind of person who wouldn't walk across the street to help a child hurter if he was burning alive, unless it was to smother the flames with an icepick. I will try to cool off before this afternoons Friday version of the Good Times in the Afternoon with Lonesome George.

Never Hurt a Child.