People that love taking cruises really love it. They book the trips months in advance, get all excited, buy new clothing and even post countdowns-to-departure clocks to their social media so we'll all know they're going on a luxurious vacation and exactly when they're leaving. (also valued info for burglars that you're posting there)

Odds are, cruises probably are days and nights of non-stop fun and fresh adventure. But more and more cruise ships are becoming incubators for odd illnesses above and beyond sea-sickness.

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Last week a Royal Carribean Cruise was delayed in returning to Baltimore from a 9-day trip to the Bahamas, South Carolina and Florida due to nearly 50 people getting mysteriously sick.

Ships doctors treated 46 cases of gastrointestinal illness with OTC medication. The cause of the illness is unknown. (the buffet?)

Last month two different Royal Caribbean reported some 500 ill on cruises.

One great thing about these massive cruise ships is there's always plenty of room at the railing. Y'all have fun, post a lot of pictures.