Why yes, I have written about this before and I'm writing about it again.  Not just because I'm a fan of the subject matter - but because I believe that as humans we must not walk around with sections of our bodies bound up like a fragile set of china being shipped to New Jersey.

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Society and our ever evolving social mores don't prescribe that I as a man walk around with my flopping parts in a 9-line bind.  Why should women purposely do damage to their bodies with brassieres?

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I can't begin to tell you how many times I've heard women remark the best part of their day was getting home and taking off their bra's. I vote that you ladies spend the entire days braless - and submit following scientific facts - as convenient support for my argument.

1. Bras do not prevent sagging. To the contrary a French study claims wearing them does more harm than good.  On this point, the French and I concur.

2. Improve your circulation - think your bra isn't effecting your heart and circulation?  Walk around each day with a tourniquet on your thighs.  Nonsense you say.  Well, you're fastening a tourniquet around your ribs every morning.  Stop in the name of good circulation!

3. Sleep better.  Amazingly studies have found many women wear their bras to bed!  And then complain about trouble sleeping.  If you're sleeping in your bra, stop! As well, even if you sleep braless, having borne one all day long can still affect your circadian rhythms.. a study shows skin pressure from clothing can mess up your salivary melatonin!

4. Better breast health - that same French study about perky breasts also revealed that improperly fitting bras (almost all of them) can cause rib pain, shortness of breath and other complaints.  Plus the sans-bra approach with improved circulation improves muscle tone and skin that isn't at the mercy of trapped dirt and sweat all day long.

5. Comfort. Again - If I've heard it once, I've heard it a million times: taking the dang thing off is the best part of a woman's day.  My own late wife would only be a step or two inside the door after work when she'd be reaching up one sleeve, then the other as deftly as a magician turning a parrot into a floral arrangement, and presto! swiftly pull the cursed latex and steel wire constrictor out of a sleeve!  Incidentally in almost 25 years, I was never able to figure out how a bra can be removed while a shirt is still firmly in place... mysteries of the known George universe.

Number 5 might be the most important of all.  It's my belief we should be comfortable as often and as long as possible.