Science has spoken and I'm not arguing, plus I've heard countless women remark the best part of their day is getting home and ripping off the brassiere!


This is Francesca Eastwood.... yes, His daughter.

A study has been published in which researchers have found bralessness promotes tone, imagine no more trips to the gym to 'tone up'.  Just burn your bra! (I thought most of the bra's had been burned up in the 1970's already...)

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Here are Five Benefits to Eschew the Brassiere 

1. A 15 year study found that bras don't actually do a thing to improve the overall health and appearance of your boobs.

2. As many women can attest (best part of the day is taking it off, remember?) bras cut down on circulation.  Women are literally strapping a tight band around their chests, where their hearts are trying to live and work. Improve your circulation today!

3. A study by Rouillon determined that braless women's nipples were an average of 7 mm higher that bra-wearing women.  Your breasts will be perkier.

4. It feels better.

5. Get more acquainted with your breasts. Going braless gives you a better chance to get up close and personal with your boobs - something that's harder to do when they're covered in fabric.

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Kim Kardashian - Simply Walking Down the Street

I'm convinced, but if you'd like to refer to the article you may - or search on your own for further information.