Like many people at the outset of January, I embarked on a new lifestyle. Copying my son and daughter-in-law's success at Keto eating, or a low carb, low sugar diet seemed easy at first. Eat all the bacon, eggs, meat and cheese you can stand. Easy.

And so far I've lost about 15 lb in the first 5-6 weeks. I will say I didn't do this to lose weight per se', my bikini body days are long gone and I don't even care about getting it back. I just want to feel a little better physically and I already do, one amazing aspect of Keto eating, is I'm rarely even hungry and nowadays eat a full meal about once a day.

Giving up bread and sugar in Southwest Louisiana and Southeast Texas has been a heck of a challenge - especially when every trip to the grocery store produce section is followed by passing stacks of King Cakes. I've been able to stay away and have not had a single bite of KC this year. Bavarian Creme, I'm sorry, I loved you deeply but your sugars are the White Devil.

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My purpose in adopting this lifestyle is Keto living (I refrain from using the word 'diet' as it could stir up the wrong connotation here) causes the body to utilize stored fat as fuel rather than the influx of new carbs and sugars. I rationalized that I'd be overall healthier if I was burning mostly fat. And it has worked out well so far.

Except... snacking.

Yes, I think the Keto way of living is great, but can you believe this, one get's tired of bacon for every meal? And meat? I don't actually crave sugar or carbs anymore, so I know the Keto aspect is in play - I am losing inches.

It's just, and I was trying to explain to the 'Dollar Tree Queen' that it just feels like I should be snacking on something at night, it isn't physiological as much as it is psychological. I gotta have something to chew on...and I admit, sometimes it's a bag of peanut M&M's.

So here are five ways to stop sugar cravings that I found - in no particular order of import.

First - Eat bitter foods, this is a reprogramming tool to re-adjust your body's 'sweet meter'. Not only will bitter foods re-set your idea of what sweet is, when you do have a sweet - just one will suffice because it will taste so much sweeter, and you won't have to eat the whole bag of M&M's or eat the whole carton of Bluebell. Examples of bitter foods are grapefruit and leafy greens like arugula, kale, and veggies. Your taste buds 'turn over' about every 21 days so if you can make it three weeks, you can make it.

Second - Bacteria, your guts bugs have a lot to do with what you crave. Change the makeup of your stomachs chemistry with foods like fermented yogurt, kefir, kombucha, sauerkraut, and kimchi. These probiotics supplement 'good' bacteria in your stomach and create a good environment for more good bacteria to grow. Again, allow about 21 days for the full effect. No pun intended.

You're right, I meant that pun.

Third - Sleep. There are so many detrimental effects to the body over a lack of sleep there aren't enough letters on my keyboard to write about them all. But one study has shown that when men are deprived of sleep, their ghrelin levels (the hunger hormone) spiked all day. That caused them to consume some 340 calories more per day than the well-rested participants in the study.

Fourth - The world is full of naturally sweet foods, instead of candy, cakes and pies reach instead for berries, apples, and pears. These sweet foods are also packed with fiber so their sugar gets into the blood more slowly. When the craving hits reach for a piece of fruit and you won't have the sugar rush or sugar crash and you'll still satisfy your cravings.

Fifth - Eat. Regularly. Don't get too hungry between meals so you're not searching for the quick pick-me-up candy bar. Eat a well-balanced snack and prevent sugar cravings.

On the road, a few pieces of jerky a cheese stick and diet DP and I'm good to go.

I tell you one good thing about the Keto, I don't even get hungry most of the time, it's just the psychological need for something to chew on that gets to me and I slip up here and there. Perhaps I should purchase a small piece of leather to dip in a mixture of stevia and water to chew on.

And also, Y'all enjoy the remainder of King Cake Season!