Welcome to my hometown, Rochester, NY. I took the picture above out of my old studio window, that's down town Rochester/ East Ave and Alexander Street - where all the cool kids go out on the weekends!!! I think it was reealllyyyy early in the morning, but it was so pretty I had to snap a pic!!

I've talked about Rochester to you guys before, but I figure I'd give you a more in depth look into my hometown with this awesome list of 50 Things You Probably Don't Know About Rochester. Now, I know all my Lake Charles peeps most likely don't know anything about Rochester, NY and I don't blame you, because I didn't know anything about Lake Charles until I moved here! And you know what? I didn't even know HALF the stuff on this list. Who knew Rochester was so cool? Hahaha I guess now we all do!

If you ever decide to visit Rochester, NY I can tell you a few things...


  • Make sure you visit in May so you can stop by the Lilac Festival. There are fun vendors, music and TONS of food, but the coolest part is walking through Highland Park and seeing the thousands of Lilacs in bloom.

  • After you visit the Lilac Festival stop by Nick Tahou's (because its the original) for a Garbage Plate. Yeah I know a Garbage Plate doesn't sound appetizing, but it is PHENOMENAL!!!! It comes in a "to-go" container and is half macaroni salad, half home fries, two cheeseburger patties (or hot dogs, or chicken fingers, or grilled cheese, pretty much anything you want), and its all covered in this delicious meaty hot sauce, onions and as much ketchup/mustard/mayo you want. It is sooo flipping good.

  • After you get over your food-coma from the perfection that is the Garbage Plate, you should get in touch with your child-side and visit the Strong Museum of Play. I guess you could say it's for kids, but I've had plenty of fun there as an adult. There's an entire area that looks like Sesame Street. There's a toy museum, which is basically like the best walk down memory lane. There's a play Wegman's (a grocery store) where you can fake grocery shop haha yeah I know that sounds bizarre since you probably go real grocery shopping, but it's fun I promise. The exhibits there are always changing and and always a lot of fun!

  • I just mentioned Wegman's... this is the world's best grocery store. You can try to argue with me right now, but as soon as you walk into Wegman's your heart will melt and you will re-evaluate any grocery store you have ever been in. It is a magical place. You have to go.

  • I could go on and on about the things to do in Rochester, but I will leave you with some of my favorite things... If you love cute shops, food and fun little bars, then definitely check out Park Ave, BUT if you feel like you might be more of a Hipster then go to the South Wedge (I used to live in the SW) for your shops, food and drinks.  If you end up in Rochester during the winter make sure you enjoy the cold air and snow by going ice sakting in Manhattan Square Park. It's a lot of fun as a date, or with a group of friends. It's the perfect winter activity. There's definitely a billion other things that I love about Rochester, but this would be the longest post ever if I continued.