Forget couples costumes, it's all about besties on Halloween!

There's nothing better than seeing a group of people walking around on Halloween, absolutely slaying the costume game. I have had some serious squad envy after seeing bestie Halloween costumes.

Check out these 7 squad inspired costumes and get ready for All Hallows Eve!


Cher and Dionne are the ultimate besties, plus they have a great group of super fashionable friends. And if there are guys in your crew you can always bring Josh, Murray, and Travis in on the fun!


Stranger Things

Stranger Things is definitely going to be a popular theme this year, but you and your friends can kick it up a notch by dressing up as the entire group! Or if it's just you and one other friend, one of you can be Eleven while the other is Eggo Waffles. That's true friendship right there.



Not gonna lie, I would dress up as a Ghostbuster just because the costume looks so comfortable, plus there has to be a way to sneak booze into that backpack. Just sayin'.


Disney Princesses

Nothing says #SquadGoals like the entire Disney Princess crew!


Snapchat Filters

If you and your girls are good at makeup, this is a perfect costume! I mean, your makeup will be flawless and you can wear whatever clothes want. You're going to be using Snapchat filters all night anyway, so you might as well just dress up as one.


Treasure Trolls

Shout out to my '90s girls! Trolls were my jam back in the day, and now they make a really easy DIY costume. I am all about troll-ing this Halloween.


Shark Week

Halloween is the best day of the year, and Shark Week is the best week of the year, so it just makes sense to combine the two! Also, this costume is easy to make, super comfy, and it will keep you warm. I'm a little obsessed.