Rarely do I write about products or one of my old favorite subjects, hot rods, but this caught my attention over the weekend: coming soon (possibly) to a showroom near you is a new street-legal production dragster. Fiat Chrysler is already shipping some 3,300 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demons to selected US dealers while holding 300 back for Canadian buyers. A quick internet chat check with a local dealer revealed none are in stock locally as of today.

This ain't your paw paw's ol' Dodge, the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) has certified it as the world's fastest off-the-assembly-line vehicle ever built. Take that, Corvette and Shelby Mustang lovers (of which I'm in the latter group).

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This car is so hot and so fast off the line that Automotive News wants it banned from the streets as a danger to the motoring public and little old ladies crossing the street, as written in an editorial last April. Incredibly, this car, purposely built as a street-legal dragster has already been banned from sanctioned drag strips by the NHRA as being "too fast"!

Some of the more remarkable features of the car include barely-legal racing slick tires, a single seat (like a real race car), and a 6.2 liter Hemi V-8. I looked it up 'cause I still don't think clearly in the metric system. (6.2 liters is about 380 cubic inches.) The car develops about 840 horsepower, will do 0-60 in 2.3 seconds, and runs the quarter mile in under ten seconds at a little over 140 mph.

No doubt it'll be an attention getter on the streets and freeways. Let's say you're in your SRT Demon and I'm in my old truck, and we're both cruising along side-by-side at about 85 on I10 westbound through Jeff Davis Parish or past the po-po behind the oak trees in Sulphur. Who do you think will get pulled over first?

Like a few other street-legal factory-made machines, it's very fast and very dangerous, but around 5:15 in the afternoon, it's going to be stuck and crawling along Ryan street or certain parts of I-10 in Sulphur just like me in my ol' 2003 F150.

The base sticker price on the window is $84,995, excluding destination charges.

Plus $300 if you want the undercoating.