Everybody has those toss and turn nights.  Your mind is spinning and you can't shut off the flow of thoughts.  Finally you close your eyes for what's left of the night and the alarm clock immediately goes off!  Sound familiar?

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Almost everyone has an occasionally sleep deprived night, most of us in the scenario above sleep normally most nights.  But many suffer from not being able to sleep well every night dealing with the dreaded insomnia.

Sleep issues are also associated of course with disease, in older folks Alzheimer's plays its role. Also heart disease, diabetes and other illnesses even colds and flu take your shut-eye away from you.

Now an associate professor of neurology at Northwestern University in Illinois suggests that your sleep patterns are pre-determined before you even put on your pajama's and brush your teeth.  Jason Ong say's cultivating a 'purpose in life' will help you sleep better because people that have a reason to wake up tomorrow, will sleep better tonight!

You know, on the surface it sounds like he may be on to something.

According to the article, in general adults need between seven and nine hours of sleep each night depending on each persons lifestyles, age and genes.

In Ong's study 823 people answered 10 questions on the purpose of life, the participants all between the ages of 60 and 100 also answered another 32 questions about their sleep patterns.