A video showing a trick-or-treating incident in the Lakeview area of New Orleans has some Facebook users heated.

The Lakeview Citizen Watch Facebook page posted surveillance footage from a camera located outside of a home where two buckets of candy and trinkets were left out for trick-or-treaters. A sign on the buckets read,

Please be nice and only take one.

According to WDSU, when the homeowner returned the buckets were empty. When the homeowner reviewed footage to see how many kids came by to get treats there was something completely different.

To my surprise, there was one group that were mostly adults that came by and emptied the entire candy bucket and most of the trinkets

The group managed to wipe out the treats in around a minute's time and many commented in disgust.

It is sad that adults are taking candy on a kids (sic) holiday, but worse the lack of respect to take everything and leave nothing for kids coming trick-or-treating after you. This was an opportunity for the adults to teach their kids to follow the rules and respect others.

While many shamed the group, some came to their defense and shifted criticism to the person who posted the video

Lauren Beshel Campbell Cathleen Martin Dell I see some people taking a few more pieces of candy than they should on a night known for mischief. It's not classy behavior and I don't condone it. It's bad manners. But to post a video with the faces of children to shame them and the shame the adult's parenting skills is ridiculous to me. The comments that followed saddened me as the quickly turned to name calling and not so subtle racism. I can think of a lot of better ways to have handled this situation and that is why I felt the need to comment. You know nothing of my character or the values I pass to my child. The volume of shaming goes way beyond the infraction. And the conversation of manners or respect was quickly lost to hateful words and an sense of "us versus them."

What are your thoughts? Is the group taking all of the treats the reason we can't have nice things, or do you believe the homeowner should have been present to regulate how much candy every individual trick-or-treater received?

Comment below—but please, only one comment per person, please. ;)

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