There's hardly anything more solidly American than getting up and going and getting what you need yourself, we admire the gumption we see in others to work for and believe in their dreams and accordingly we support them.

Who hasn't dropped a few dollars at intersections into the volunteer fireman's boots, or bought a little Christmas wrapping paper in late August from the kids raising money door to door for the school band? And the lemonade sold on the folding table under an old oak by the kids in the corner house is always a little colder and sweeter.

What's more American than small-town fundraising?

Sunday (July 15) from 10 AM - 2 PM the Grand Lake High School Hornets Cheer Team is raising money so the squad can travel, homecoming and other school and cheer related items by getting out in the hot steaming sun and washing your car.

To entice you even more to the location across from the Iberia Bank in Grand Lake on 385 (that's all the way straight south down Common Street) there's going to be baked goods and BBQ hamburgers. A clean car, lunch, and dessert. There you go.

Photo: Angie Theriot

Since the local beaches are full of 'sea lice' and the waters in other Gulf locations such as Galveston have fecal content higher than the community septic tank, getting your car or truck washed and having a tasty bbq burger and taking home some pie or cake down Grand Lake way sounds like a fun Sunday run down from the busy city.