A couple of summers ago the ALS 'Ice Bucket Challenge" was launched to promote awareness of the disease and to send people to the website to make a contribution.  It seemed simple enough, referring to dollars as drops the group decided 'every drop counts' and they developed the idea of being still while ice water is poured on you on a hot summer day. The challenge was taken by people worldwide.

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Some with hilarious results. While most of the challenges went off with only a little screaming from the sudden 60 odd degree change in skin temperature, some were disastrous fails which merited editing into a 'fail video'.  On the video it's clear that some of these folks may have been seriously injured, most of it is simply, funny.

Here is the link to the video - enjoy.   It's the time of year it's really getting ready to get super hot in SWLA, if this fad gets started up again may I suggest a hard-hat and goggles be included?