Back in my late teens and early twenties a few of us neighborhood knucklebusters would take our hot rod cars out to test them against each other. No, I'm not fessing up to decades-old instances of street racing, or what was it the officers used to call it?  Ah, yes... "excessive displays of speed". They had another quaint term in those days for peeling out but I can't remember it offhand.

No matter, whoever had the fastest car on any given day was said to have 'blown the doors off the competition". The reference being a physics one to the faster car has created a vacuum in the space between the two speeding cars as the faster one passed, thus the faster one could in theory at least 'blow the doors off' the slower car.

Starting with all these speed and physics references because today comes news that NASA has charted a really, really fast moving asteroid to skim past us on February 4th. The 2002 AJ129 asteroid is potentially hazardous due to its speed.

The LIFE Picture Collection/Gett

When it flies by earth on 4 February, it will be traveling about 67,000 MPH which makes it 15x faster than the fastest manned machine ever built, the hypersonic North American X-15. There's only one-speed limit (presumed) in space.

Speed. Nothing else like it.

The asteroid is also going to be very close to us at least in space terms it's almost a close shave passing 2,615,128 miles away. It's coming by very close, and extremely fast.

Fellow Earthlings, on February 4th, make sure all your doors are shut tight and locked.

NASA story here