There's a reason why excessive drinking and partying is known generally as partying like a rock star. Keith Richards.

The Rolling Stones 6 string guitar player is one of the 1960s rock and roll artists along with others who helped give the genre it's backstage hard living lifestyle mythology credence. He's even stumbled around the stage and given hundreds of interviews over the decades in a kind of comical, slurry, clogged lung cough manner that was so pronounced it lent itself to a comical characterization on a popular live Saturday night comical television program.

Simply put, when you look in the dictionary under Party Like a Rock Star, Keith Richards picture is there.

And now, he's announced at the age of 74 he's going to take it easy, slow down a tad and quit drinking. Quit Drinking? You read that correctly, Richards told an interviewer recently that he thought it was time to give it up.

Is hell freezing over? Are pigs flying around the lake area? Is today the 12th day of never, are we getting blood out of turnips now?

Keith Richards giving up drinking, we never thought we'd see the day. I don't notice any difference really, except I don't drink said Richards. The other guitar player in the band, Ronnie Wood certainly notices a difference, He's a pleasure to work with, much more mellow, he's open to more ideas.

There's a caveat, Richards admits to virtually giving up drinking, he'll still have a wine or two, or a cold beer, but as far as sloshing down the hard stuff, that's over with he said.

Best wishes to the hard-charging rocker, he's certainly outlived many of his contemporaries and I wondered often if it was due to the fact that he's basically by now pickled.

The Rolling Stones are planning a United States tour starting in April in Miami. For more information about Keith Richards going on the wagon click right here.