I love playing Classic Rock on the radio at 92.1 KTSR, turning the air conditioner on the lowest it will go, locking the control room door, closing the shades from the afternoon sun and turning up the 100 watt RMS studio audio monitors to the point of total distraction of everyone working in the front office because the walls are shaking, every afternoon, it is literally some of my favorite stuff in the world to do.

But every so often I need to slow down a tad and let my ears stop ringing with a nice road trip and it’s that time again to head out to my favorite vacation location, the rocky mountains of Colorado.

Sure it can be crowded with tourists especially in the summer, but I lived there for 3 years, years ago and the places I go most of the tourists don’t know exist, or how to get to them.

While I enjoy our beaches, forests, and bayous, there’s something soul-stirring about the gentle rustle of the Aspen leaves along about sunset halfway down a mountain valley. The wildflowers sway in the breezes like a gently rolling ocean, yellow and red Indian paintbrush, and daisies and hundreds of shades of purple wildflowers all spread against beautiful green prairie grasses.

Camping out in the Rockies is its own living breathing ethereal experience, the humidity is low maybe about 8% at night and the sky is so crystal clear. On a mountaintop at 11,000 feet the stars, millions of them aren’t just above you, they’re all around you as the night umbrella sky touches the jagged horizons.

And even though it’s summer, at night in the mountains I’ll have on my thick mountain sweater, out there in the west when the sun goes down so does the temperature.

Along the way, I’ll stop in my favorite place, Georgetown, not only because of the name but the steam-powered narrow gauge railroad which I enjoy. And then there’s my favorite candy shop on the corner, sure it’s a ‘touristy’ place, but the homemade fudge is unbeatable. Just ask some of my Cajun friends to whom I always bring some back to. I like to get the plain chocolate and the peanut butter and chocolate, mix along with the white chocolate versions.

I’ll get in a couple rounds of golf, the ball flies so much better in the thin air, and my son already has tickets for us to watch the Astros vs. Rockies at Coors Field next week, both games, and you know how the Astros can make a ball fly.

Photo - Lonesome George, Looking West Over Victor, Colorado c.2015

On other days I’ll just roam the backroads, maybe pan for a little gold in some of the streams. Yeah, there’s still gold in them thar hills and I have found it before, but March-April is a better time to look, as the snow melts are washing it down from the heady highlands.

It’s fun to prowl the old mountain towns, many of which look pretty much the way they did except for the cars and trucks parked on the paved streets when Doc Holliday dealt cards in the cowboy saloons from Cripple Creek to Leadville.  And I love the local mom and pop eateries. Mountain mom and pop pizzas are all pretty much thin crust, something to do with the altitude and dough not rising like it does here.

Photo - Lonesome George c.2016 The tourists don't know some of the places I'll go.

And at the edge of a glacier, on a high mountain patch of tundra, my soul stirs, it breathes.

I’ll be back on the radio Monday, August 6th, refreshed relaxed and ready to rock and roll loud and clear so stay tuned at all times til then and I’ll see ya when I get back.