Is it possible any more in for people to agree upon a decision anywhere, over anything without resorting to hair pulling and name calling?

It's getting to the point where we're so childish and immature, we can't come together in a nightclub, get sloshy tipsy and vote on the woman on stage whom in our esteemed opinions has the best shaped derriere, which to begin with is an highly subjective matter, when you think about it.

Imagine the scene at this years Miss Bum Bum competition, which ended in a frayed fracas when Ellen Santana a model and actress, was awarded the crown and that ribbon-thing beauty queens wear, due to the actions of another contestant, massage-therapist Aline Uva who cried foul and claimed Santana's bum had been surgically enhanced.

My butt is real but hers is plastic cried Uva, Miss Bum Bum is a farce and I can prove it.

Organizers rushed onstage to settle things out, the ribbon-thing that beauty queens wear was promptly returned to Miss Santana, Uva had ripped it off her bikini clad body earlier.

To see the entire story and watch the tawdry videos please click right here.

As of this writing, we're unaware of any recount of the vote campaign. The annual contest lists as its aim to crown the best buttocks in Brazil. One has to admire them if for nothing else, their lofty goals.