Forget those butt injections, go to your closet and pull out the ole vacuum to get that butt you always wanted.

I'm just thinking out loud, but this seems so much safer than injecting a foreign substance into your body. If you remember a year or so back to when that "Dr." was injecting woman with fix-a-flat.  Well, that wasn't a good idea, and now-a-days women want bigger rounder butts.  I'm not mad at that at all! : )

A company out of Miami, Florida called Sculpting Goddess came up with...wait for it ..... "vacuum therapy!" It cost about $60 a procedure, and takes about 40 minutes.  They say it's perfect for people that want to "raise, and enlarge the re-affirms of the gluteus." What?   We'll just say what it really means.  It makes your butt get big! Yassss Lawd! LOL!

Check out there Instagram below and tell us what you think:

...and of course there is a video!

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