It's the worlds second oldest profession. The first of course, being advertising because if something is going to be sold, first others have to know it's for sale. If you're going to sell it, first you have to tell it.

For the past six months a Combined Anti-Drug Task Force (C.A.T. Team) composed of the resources of the Calcasieu Parish Sheriffs Office, the state police, Homeland Security Investigations, the Lake Charles and Iowa Police Department have investigated massage parlors in Lake Charles.

Investigators learned that several massage parlors in the city were actually fronts for prostitution operations.

We know, and have known several women who are legitimate licensed massage therapists. They're good people, it's a good business. Those of us that overextended our bodies in our youth, those that participate in sports and every man and woman that just lives normally, working and taking care of the house day in and day out, can all benefit time to time from a massage. It's therapeutic, restful and gives one a sense of being refreshed and recharged.

But the hands on business approach to soothing aching muscles and stretching tired limbs can lend itself to more than simple therapy and getting recharged for several lake area massage parlors.

And so the law dogs sniffed out wrongdoing and began to investigate these businesses under suspicion they were actually being used in to exchange money for sex. The operation resulted in the arrest of eleven individuals from six different businesses. The suspects were taken into custody and booked into the Calcasieu Correctional Center and released on misdemeanor summonses. The investigation continues and more arrests are possible.

Those arrested and their place of business included -

Asian Massage, 425 West McNeese Street - Jing Yu, 36 and Yuzhi He, 48.

Oriental Massage, 210 West Prien Lake Road - Kai Wei, 54 and Chunfang Wu, 52

Ling Asian Massage, 3715 Common Street - Yan Hun, 48 - Yan Ni, 48 and Yan Linhui, 57 all of Washington state.

Relaxing Massage, 608 Prien Lake Road, Suite A - .Lin Yan, 46

Rose Massage, 3510 Common Street - Can Zhou, 37 and Xic Shugun, 36

J&J Spa, 3411 Ryan Street - Zhaohui Zhu, 47

As one of the older businesses in humanity that has existed since antiquity, this writer senses that in due time SW Louisianians with the urge to splurge on a happy ending to a routine rubdown will soon hear of other places to get satisfaction. Just be sure to not be in the place when it's eventually raided.