A couple of weeks ago we got an overall notice that the Tiangong-1 space station put up by the very people that invented rockets, would splatter down somewhere across the Northern hemisphere, possibly around Detroit Michigan soon. (that story here)

© Leo Delauncey / Mailonline Artists depiction of Tiangong-1 Space Station re-entering the atmosphere

Could Hit Detroit

Back on March 12th, the thinking was the station, which the Chinese lost control of two years ago would come down along the latitude of 42.3314° kind of along a path where Detroit sits.

The latest estimate from the European Space Agency takes the name "Detroit" out of its headlines but maintains the northern hemisphere is the target.

Image: Aerospace - Tiangong-1 Potential Path

Really Nasty Rocket Fuel Poses Chemical Threat

While most of the 8.5-ton vehicle will burn up in the atmosphere, experts believe as much as 300 lbs of the remnants will strike the earth. Sure, some metal may puncture a rooftop (we hope not) the worst components could be any of the crafts Hydrazine rocket fuel could survive the fall.

Hydrazine is a rocket propellent that is a colorless sensitizer and irritant that really wrecks havoc on the central nervous systems of mammals. It's a highly reactive base (acidic) and a lot of the life forms on earth are more or less somewhere in the middle of the pH range, and it is a class two carcinogen. Just bad nasty stuff.

There's likely no reason to rush out and buy a helmet to hunt Easter Eggs in, but if you're living or visiting along the 43° latitude, you might just glance up now and again.