We don't know if he was using a wok or not but legend holds that rockets were invented in China maybe 2,000 years ago when a cook just so happened to mix some sulfur, charcoal and potassium nitrate (saltpeter) together and the world heard its first big bang.

And so the Chinese are credited with inventing gunpowder, which they figured out how to compact into cylinders that were closed at one end and voila rockets! (look how I just used a French word in a China story - just keeping it international for you folks).

The Chinese had great fun with their rockets, they'd light the fuses and shoot them into the sky without a care as to where they fell back to earth. Some things haven't changed in 2,000 years. What goes up, still comes down. (Voyager spacecraft exempted from this conversation)

© Leo Delauncey / Mailonline Artists depiction of Tiangong-1 Space Station re-entering the atmosphere

Now a Chinese space station, which they lost all control of in 2016 is losing altitude fast and heading for the surface of the earth so now we have a 17,000-pound unguided missile headed potentially for lower Michigan.

Full of Toxic Chemical

Oh, there's something else, in addition to potentially doing severe damage to people on the ground as the entity breaks up in the atmosphere, it's also carrying a toxic chemical called hydrazine. Hydrazine is a rocket propellent that is a colorless sensitizer and irritant that really wrecks havoc on the central nervous systems of mammals. It's a highly reactive base (acidic) and a lot of the life forms on earth are more or less somewhere in the middle of the pH range, and it is a class two carcinogen. Just bad nasty stuff.

Come into contact with it and you'll likely experience extreme tumors, seizures, it'll jack up your kidneys and your liver too, and you'll have just a really, really bad afternoon for the rest of your shortened life.

No one can predict exactly where the Tiangong-1 will splatter the ground though experts believe it will be along the 43° of latitude and Detroit sits at 42.3314° N. Time for re-entry is sometime between March 24-April 21 or around April 3rd. Authorities believe southern Michigan is among areas of the highest probability as of now.

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So Michiganders are forewarned - as is everyone along the 43° latitude who ought to be buying hard hats or digging those old football helmets out of the attic for protection against falling space stations.

Getty Images - Prepared for falling space debris