Fidget Spinners.  The bane of school teachers everywhere who debate daily whether to confiscate or consecrate in their classrooms.

Drew Angerer

Now comes a story out of Houston in which a child has nearly choked to death on a part of one of these whirling wonders, originally designed for autistic children to help them focus.

As I have never held one in my hands, I'm going on what I've read and apparently the bearings part, that actually helps them spin can become detached from the rest of the device, and get lodged in your throat if  you have the thing in your mouth.

Don't give these things to really young children.  The bearings or bushings will choke a child.  Fortunately the story linked above had a positive outcome following emergency surgery to the child's esophagus.

Get your kid a good old fashioned yo-yo.  At least if the child swallows it, you can pull it out by the string.

Watch out for Fidgets.