Wake up with a hangover today?

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Then you already ignored my advice to drink plenty of water and take two aspirin and eat French fries before going to bed, before you Cinco de Mayo’d the town last night.

So here you are, or not… depending on how hard your eyeballs are throbbing and if that’s the case perhaps a friend can relay these post party prescriptions to make the birds chirping not seem so much like the bells of Big Ben on Guy Fawkes Day in your head this morning.

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First a few easy basics: drink water. Start right this instant.

Since your body is detoxing and creating this pain, the quickest route to relief is a bit of the ol’ hair of the dog what bit ya… have a beer or a shot of whatever that was last night.  Beer will do fine, as will any other over-the-counter cough medicine or other preparation with a bit of alcohol in it.

Now, some esteemed scientists, medical doctors and others argue that giving your body more toxins is not helpful and slows down the recovery period.  I argue you feel better now.

Now that you’ve got some relief drink a little more water, you’re dehydrated.

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If you can, have a salad.  All the vegetables have good things in them for you especially fluids. Use a clear dressing, want to keep it light but give your body something good.

Depending on what you may have ingested last night, you might have some heartburn too.  Time for your buddy sodium bicarbonate or ‘baking soda’. Mix a little up, about two table spoons stirred nicely into some water (hydration) and downed like you shot that tequila last night.  And while you’re thinking of the taste of that tequila you won’t think too hard about how nasty the sodium-bicarb in water tastes.  But, being a finely ground powder it will give near instant relief, if you need more by all means step up and have another shot.

If you drink coffee every morning, go ahead and have a cup because you don’t want to pile caffeine withdrawal on top of this.  If you’re not a regular coffee drinker then don’t have any. Caffeine narrows the blood vessels and will only increase the sensation of an out of control jackhammer in your brain.

If you work out daily, moving around a little will help and even if you’re not a gymtastic creature, moving around a little if you can will help.  But keep in mind the flesh and bones are recovering, repairing and paying for the situation your mouth got them into last night so rest is the keyword on a hangover.

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Stay out of the sauna and the hot tub.  Again this is about tiny blood vessels and how great big platelets are trying to squeeze through them and with everything else going on at that level they don’t need to work in a steam bath.  The potential is in terms of blood pressure drops, rises, heart arrhythmia and other stuff you don’t want to think about. Stay cool.

Go back to bed.  It’s Saturday anyway and the one sure fire never fail treatment for a hangover is time.

By the way, there’s no absolute proof that dehydration is the cause of a hangover, but being hydrated always helps hangovers and many other health situations.  However people have ‘drowned’ from drinking too much water at one time, so remember in all things: Moderation.