Amid good and bad puns, double entendres and hundreds of social media memes, hoots, and hollers, the City of Houston council has voted to change a city ordinance that effectively shuts down a so-called try-before-you-buy robot brothel and prohibits it from operating near public places.

Rumors the council was looking into banning car dealerships that allow customers inside new vehicles, even to operate them publicly on city roads and highways were unfounded at the time this was written.

A Canadian company, Toronto based KinkySdollS wanted to open a Houston branch to sell the dolls. The dolls are state of the art constructed with synthetic skin and highly articulated skeletons.

The uproar came when the company announced you could 'test drive' the dolls, just as you would a new car before purchase.

The City Council is just fine with testing out one type of machine before you buy, but not others.

Houston's ordinances prohibited sexually oriented businesses, arcades, strip clubs and so on from operating within 1,500 feet of churches, daycares, schools, parks, and residential neighborhoods. At the Wednesday meeting council added the term anthropomorphic device or one with human characteristics into the ban.

Earlier in the week, a council member assured residents that cameras are already set up at the location to observe who would come and go from the sex doll shop. Sylvester Turner, mayor of Houston said the amendments are intended to update loopholes to make the ordinance more current specifically in dealing with changing technology.

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