Without any doubt, weather historians are going to be studying the 2017 hurricane season with fine tooth combs for years to come. It'll be talked about in meteorology schools and classes, and become the subject of homework and theses for decades to come.

National Hurricane Center October 4th, 11 AM CDT

And it ain't over yet.  As of 11 AM CDT October 4th, 2017 the National Hurricane Center has issued Advisory Number 1 for Tropical Depression Sixteen.  To summarize, the location is presently some 25 Miles SSW of San Andres Island, with maximum sustained winds of 35 MPH. Present movement is NW, at about 7 MPH.

The government of Nicaragua has issued a Tropical Storm Warning for the coast of Nicaragua, from Sandy Bay Sirpi to the border with Honduras.

As you can see from the graphic above, the system is expected to grow from a depression to a TS to a hurricane and perhaps move toward Florida's panhandle by the weekend.  Check back for updates.

Come on, man...enough already.