Is it just me or does this dude sound crazy?

Not only is Dave Johnson's theory messed up, but it makes absolutely no sense. One of his strongest pieces of "evidence" is that Katy and JonBenet have the same eyebrows. Because, you know, Katy Perry probably doesn't pluck her eyebrows or anything...

Dave's "JonBenet Ramsey is Katy Perry" YouTube video was published in December 2014, but it is just now beginning to gain more attention from different media outlets. Honestly, I hate that I'm even talking about it, because it is so ridiculous that this guy shouldn't be getting any publicity over his crazy antics. But, I guess it's kind of my job to post stuff like this, so check out the video above to listen to Dave Johnson's creepy voice as he describes this insane conspiracy theory.

[via, Dave Johnson] [h/t Elite Daily]